Gambrel Barn Sizes

The success of the original 20' x 30' Gambrel Barn and your requests for larger and smaller barns with the same style, has inspired us to create the eight different size models we now offer, all with our unique Engineereed Gambrel Truss Design. Ranging in width from 8' to 36' in four foot increments, there are the 8'x 12' and the 12'x 16' "Mini-Barn" Storage Sheds, the 16'x 24' "Baby Barn" and the larger barn designs...the original 20'x 30', the 24'x 30', 28'x 40', the 32'x 40' and the 36'x 60'.

However, for your own application, longer might be better. Since the trusses are laid out at 24" O.C., you can extend the length of the building in two foot increments to any size that fits your needs. In fact, the wall height on the larger barns can even be adjusted as much as a foot or two without compromising the look and overall balance of roof to wall proportions.

You will find the plans extremely versatile and flexible for whatever your building needs, i.e. a home with a loft or a home with a full second floor, workshop, garage or barn. Our Gambrel Roof building design will work, and work well. All of our plans are designed and drawn with the owner/builder in mind. Simple, concise and easy to read, our plans cover every aspect of your building from the ground up and include lots of handy detail drawings to make the job go that much easier....and all plans are drafted to the latest 2009 IRC/IBC specs.

Furthermore, our truss designs are engineered for a standard 60 psf snow load, 90 mph wind load, seismic category D and exposure C according to the 2007 CBC.

(Check with your local building department for specific building code requirements in your area).