The fact is, you don't just take any old Cupola and stick it up on the roof of your barn..... no way, Ray! Too small a Cupola on a big barn, or too big a Cupola on a small barn, and it's gonna look goofy!! There's a formula for getting the proper proportion of Cupola size to roof length so it'll look right, and we've got it!!

When you order the Cupola plans with your barn plans, we'll send you the plans for the right size Cupola for the barn your going to build! The 28 inch wide by 48 inch tall Cupola fits on the 16' wide "Baby Barn", from 20' to 30' in length. The 36" x 60" Cupola fits the 20' and 24' wide barns from 30' to 40' in length, and the Big Daddy of 'em all, the 48"x 80" "Francis Ford" Cupola, will sit, delicately ensconced atop the 28', the 32' and the 36' wide barns from 40' to 60' in length.

But Hey! Maybe you want to put a cupola on your existing house, garage or barn.....go ahead and order it all by itself. Just remember the ratio: At least one inch of Cupola width for every foot of roof length, and it'll look just fine!

Order it!

Don't forget accessories!

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