Gambrel Doggie Barn

It's the brand new BarnPlans, Inc. "Doggie Barn" dog house!! It's a 1/12th scale model of our 32' two story Gambrel Horse Barn. It measures 32"x 32" with a 12" wide by 16" high arch-top entry. Big enough for "Harley" who stands 18" at the shoulders and weighs in at about 65 pounds. But Hey!.....if your pup looks more like "Nanook of the North" there's the 42"x 42" Doggie Barn with a 16" wide by 24" high arch-top entry. Mojo the Rottweiler lives in hers! Gracie and Lacie love the 24"x 24" Mini Doggie Barn with an 8" wide by 12" high arch-top entry.

There ya go! Doggie Barn plans in three sizes.....Small, medium and large....duh! One is sure to suit you and your significant Doggie or Doggette to a "T". As with all of our larger, "People Barns", the plans are for the basic Barn Shell....from there you can get as fancy as you want. And with the step-by-step instructions included in the plans, you can have the whole thing done in a weekend for less than 50 bucks!! Throw in his or her favorite old rug and a couple of Milk Bones and they'll soon find their own little "Doggie Barn" sanctuary.....ENJOY!!

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