Gambrel Barn House

You know, it happens every time we build one of our two story Gambrel Roof Barns. People passing by will stop and ask, "Hey! What are you guys building?" I tell them it's a barn, or a garage, or whatever and they always reply, "Geez, that would make a really awesome Barn House!" Well, it's true. With a little imagination you can use any one of our six two story Gambrel Barn models, and the floor plan you create, to build your own two-story Gambrel Barn Home with up to 4320 square feet, or more....they can all be built any length you need!! (Go here to see all of the upstairs' interior height and width dimensions.)

Thinking "Tiny Home"? Our 8 x12 and 12 x16 Gambrel Mini Barns offer a practical and sustainable solution for affordable home ownership. Take a look at Brendan Ricci's 12x16 Tiny Home for his family of four in his "Barn Showcase" feature, complete with kitchen, bathroom, living room and upstairs sleeping loft!

Put doors and windows wherever you like. Create your own floor plan or leave the interior totally open. Hey, it's your barn! We also have accessory plans for a matching 4', 6' or 8' Gambrel Dormer Window, the Second Floor Covered Deck, the Shed Roof, the Vaulted Gambrel Side Entry and even a Cupola for the roof so you can customize your barn to get it just the way you want!

Take a look at a few interior panoramas:

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Plans with loft or second floor (no barn door)...

Don't forget accessories!

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