Gambrel Garage / Shop

Of our three Gambrel Barn models, the two story Gambrel Garage/Shop is probably the most straight forward in it's concept. The plans are for the basic, dried-in barn "shell" sitting on a concrete slab. Depending on which size barn you select, the plans will include a post and beam support system for the loft to help provide the maximum upstairs floor load. However, if your particular use of the main floor in your two story Gambrel Garage/Shop will not tolerate support posts there are several ways to get them out of your way or eliminate them altogether.

The plans include a "Variable Post Location" detail which allows you to modify the actual location of your downstairs support posts to help get them out of your way... and there are other options, as well. As shown in many of our "Barn Showcase" features, the use of manufactured i-joists and, in the larger barns, engineered floor trusses are a viable option for reducing or completely eliminating the number of support posts, depending on your use of the downstairs space and your upstairs floor load requirements. Give us a call to discuss your options!

And, as always, all of the barns (with loft or full second floor) can be easily extended to any length dimension you need with storage or living space upstairs. Can you say "Man Cave"? The plans are for the complete barn "shell"... from there you can get as fancy as you want! And they all look great with any of our Gambrel Barn accessories. Customize your two story Gambrel Garage/Shop into the "Dream Barn" you've always..... dreamed about!?!? (Go here to see all of the upstairs' interior height and width dimensions.)

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