Gambrel Minibarn

They're available in 8' and 12' widths and, just like all of our larger barn designs, the "Mini-Barn" Storage Sheds can be built to any length you need. They're not like those dorky looking garden storage sheds that are too flat on top and too short on the sides. The "Mini-Barn" Storage Sheds have exactly the same roof pitch and proportions as their larger counterparts. They look right!

Possibly the coolest feature of the "Mini-Barn" design is the fact that, although you can build it on a concrete slab if you want to, the floor details in the plans call for pressure treated 4x6 skids on pier blocks which, in most areas, qualifies the "Mini-Barn" as a non-permanent structure and therefore needs no building permit!! The 8' wide model has over 9' of interior height and the 12' wide model even has a small storage loft for all of your camping gear and Christmas doo-dads!

With the current interest in "Tiny Homes", our 8 x12 and 12 x16 Gambrel Mini Barns offer a practical and sustainable solution for affordable home ownership. Take a look at Brendan Ricci's 12x16 Tiny Home, for his family of four in his "Barn Showcase" feature, complete with kitchen, bathroom, living room and upstairs sleeping loft!

Our 8x12 Mini Barn will even fit on a legal width truck or trailer frame if you've got the urge to hit the highway in the coolest RV Barn on the road!!

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